Unknown legends of rock and roll - Part VI with Deb Thornton, Circle of Willis (21 May 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

The novel

Simon Couper - Green P (One horse songs, independent)

Simon Couper - One horse song (One horse songs, independent)

Band Camp - My average day (s/t, independent)

Mav - Amelia (EP, Global Savile)

Lois - A place called forget (s/t, Nilus)

Len Lane Line - Gregory- Live (single, Impossible Music)

Faker - Indt (Sound out loud, Wash Records)

Dropzone - Vision (Fake it, independent)

The Restless - Fear of the water (EP, independent)

Tripwire - Shadows (Listern, independent)

Sneak - You said it (EP, independent)

K25 - Cybertonic (Sonic demolition, independent)

Circle of Willis - Come together (Cumquat man, independent)

Circle of Willis - Time ain't long enough (Fractures in the elderly, Camera Obscura)

Circle of Willis - Wrong answer on Family Feud (upcoming, Camera Obscura)

Circle of Willis - Death in the summertime (upcoming, Camera Obscura)

Circle of Willis - Sleep (upcoming, Camera Obscura)

The marvel

Programmed by and co-hosted with Deb Thornton (Circle of Willis)

Sacred Cowboys - Trouble from providence (Trouble from providence, Citadel)

Sacred Cowboys - Trouble from providence (single, Citadel)

Sacred Cowboys - We love you (Trouble from providence, Citadel)

Blue Ruin - Venus (single, Rampant)

Blue Ruin - Hell of a woman (Flame, Rampant)

The Moodists - Franky's negative (Thirsty's calling, Red Flame)

The Moodists - Bad cabin (Thirsty's calling, Red Flame)

Porcelain Bus - Indignation (single, Citadel)

Interview with Richie Unterberger to continue in future weeks!