Unknown legends of rock and roll - Part X (23 July 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Monkees - Mr Webster alt. version (The definitive Monkees, WEA)

The Cartoon Characters - Sound of the sea (s/t, independent)

The Cartoon Characters - Marriage (s/t, independent)

Tom Morgan - Local knowledge (s/t, Lake Midgeon)

Tom Morgan - Shoot first, ask Christian Slater (s/t, Lake Midgeon)

Blessington - I'm your fan (s/t, independent)

Matt Reiner - Home straight (Wide open spaces, independent)

Natasha from Mars - Mirror (s/t, independent)

Ward C - No good for love (Demo!!, independent)

Popland - Meat from the sky (Zipped up and down (under), Zip Records)

Ghost Club - Break the law (Ghostclubbing, Flying Nun)

Sparklehorse - Babies on the sun (It's a wonderful life, Modular)

Les Sourires Trompeurs - Rendez vous (1er rendez vous discographique, independent)

Les Sourires Trompeurs - Serie B (1er rendez vous discographique, independent)

John Brodeur - Peace (Tiger pop, Mr Duck Records)

Arnold - Oh my (single, Poptones)

Ken Stringfellow - Down like me (single, Poptones)

Denise James - Who sent you love (s/t, Poptones)

The Marvel

Interview with Douglas Robertson (Icecream Hands)

Icecream Hands - Is it your electric chair? (Memory lane traffic jam, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - Rain hail shine (Rain hail shine EP, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - The way she drives (Travelling made easy, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - Yellow & blue (Sweeter than the radio, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - Dodgy (Sweeter than the radio, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - Picture disc from the Benelux (Sweeter than the radio, Rubber Records)

Icecream Hands - Spirit level windowsill (Sweeter than the radio, Rubber Records)

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