Rockin' Stroll (APRA) - Part X (13 August 2001)

Featuring Bart & Friends, Tonjip, Klippspringer, Idiot Son, Robert Cooper, Toast, Len Lane Line, Lancaster, Sneeze, Twelve24, The Cannanes, Panel of Judges, Fang, Ghost Club, Thinktank, Splitter, Whopping Big Naughty, The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement, Ross Wilson, Royalchord, The Spoils, Spokaine, Blue Wine, Blessington, The C-minus Project, Sounds like Sunset, Ides of Space, The Ancient Marinators, The Foots, Guddling, The Tigers, Genshen, Fourth Floor Collapse, The Sand Pebbles, Matt Reiner, Andrew Keese, Heligoland, Village Green, Circle of Willis, Nick Connolly, Sandro, FREYjA, Braving the Seabed and The American Public.
APRA Sheet 1
APRA Sheet 2