Space music (20 August 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Monkees - I wanna be free (The definitive Monkees, WEA)

Trashmonk - Sapphire (7", Poptones)

Trashmonk - Fur hat (7", Poptones)

Spain - She haunts my dreams (I believe, Restless)

The Jordans - Heal this life (The Hallelujah Mine, Consonant)

The Pencil Tin - Friday (A gentle hand to guide you along, The Bus Stop Label)

Tugboat - Love goes home to Paris in spring (demo, independent)

The Restless - The Baptist (demo, independent)

Against the grain - Last day (Never going back, independent)

Leo Nine - Satisfied (s/t, Toupee)

Sounds Like Sunset - Each time you smile (Saturdays, Modular)

The Cartoon Characters - Dark night (s/t, independent)

Teenage Fanclub - Tell me what you see (Why don't we do it in the road, Uncut)

Other People's Children - Autumnal radio static (Field of sadness, Library Records)

Stellar - Starstruck (She loves you, Half a Cow)

Git - Ring of fire (The rising sun sessions, independent)

120mins - Main street (Nothing Happening live set)

The Marvel - Space Music

Co-hosted with Ben Quinn ("Hi Q")

Clay Tyson - Moonman

Boots Walker - They're here

The Undisputed Truth - UFO's

Ferdie and the Glookettes - Here come de glook

Dave Baby Cortez - Count Down

Barry Gray & His Spacemakers - Zero G

Gary US Bonds - Trip to the moon

Rob EG - 54321 Zero!

Rob Townsend - Christmas message from space

Leonard Nimoy - Contact

Satellite - The eye in the sky

Yuri Gargarin - Souvenir of success of the Yuri Gargarin flight

Hot Rubber Glove - Jam Wichu (Pandemonium 2001 Vol. 3, Pandemonium Records)

Ren & Stimpy - Don't whiz on the electric fence (Little Eediot!, Epic)