Pollyanna (27 August 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Monkees - Apples, peaches, bananas and pears (The definitive Monkees, WEA)

Quick 50 - Sweet (Live in Japan, independent)

Bluebottle Kiss - Gangsterland (Gangsterland, Longshot Records)

Giants of Science - Distractions (Blueprint for courageous action, Rhythm Ace)

Hydro - Heal this life (Flag, independent)

Forte - Momentum (Tripping in the vast exterior, Rhythm Ace)

Elysium - Spirit inside (single, independent)

In Vivo - Gods are surely joking (Punks like you are a dime a dozen, independent)

Posthuman - Fly (For the love of them, Jam Packed)

Diane Dias - If I were you (single, Summer Records)

Gilli Moon - Temperamental Angel Temperamental Angel, Warrior Girl Music)

Royalchord - Notion of invisibility (I gave you a mountain, independent)

A Northern Chorus - And still she sleeps (Before we all go to pieces, Black Mountain Music)

Readymade - The block alone (On point and red, Endearing Records)

The Marvel - Pollyanna

Interview with Matt Handley

Pollyanna - Lemonsuck (Long Player, Mushroom Music)

Pollyanna - Particular people (Didn't feel a thing, Longshot Records)

Pollyanna - Scenester (Didn't feel a thing, Longshot Records)

Pollyanna - Elevators (Didn't feel a thing, Longshot Records)

Pollyanna - PP (reprise) (Didn't feel a thing, Longshot Records)

Pollyanna - Left-centred (Didn't feel a thing, Longshot Records)

Co-hosted with Daryl and Chris of Dent

Dent - November

Soul Chain - Not Littlewing!

Orlando Cahaito Lopez - Cachaito in laboratory

No FX - It's my job to keep punk rock elite

Theme from On the Buses