Graeme Downes / The Verlaines (10 September 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Monkees - Love to Love (The definitive Monkees, WEA)

Tom Morgan - Local Knowledge (7", Lake Midgeon)

Tom Morgan -Shoot first, ask Christian Slater (7", Lake Midgeon)

Royalchord - New Commandment (I gave you a mountain, independent)

Sodastream - Heaven on the ground (The hill for company, Trifekta)

Sodastream - Lushington Hall (The hill for company, Trifekta)

ESN - Silver platter (Actual size, Comrade Records)

Quick 50 - Tenth time (Zipped up and down (under), Zip Records)

Klippspringer - Tea for two (Employee of the month, independent)

P76 - Headed straight for the sun (Zipped up and down (under), Zip Records)

Leo Nine - Satisfied (EP, Toupee)

Ward C - No good for love (Demo!!, independent)

Jasmine Minks - Popartglory (Popartglory, Poptones)

Popland - The hip song (Action!, Zip Records)

Royalchord - Notion of invisibility (I gave you a mountain, independent)

The Marvel - Graeme Downes / The Verlaines

Interview with Graeme Downes

Graeme Downes - Mastercontrol (Hammers and Anvils, Flying Nun)

Graeme Downes - Gucci (Hammers and Anvils, Flying Nun)

Graeme Downes - Rock'n'Roll Hero (Hammers and Anvils, Flying Nun)

The Verlaines - Death and the maiden (Juvenilia, Flying Nun)

The Verlaines - Angela (Juvenilia, Flying Nun)

The Verlaines - You say you (Juvenilia, Flying Nun)

The Verlaines - C.D. Jimmy jazz and me (Juvenilia, Flying Nun)

Godstar - Pushpin (single, Half a Cow)

Godstar - Every now & again (Sleeper, Half a Cow)

Godstar - That certain smile (Pushpin single, Half a Cow)

Godstar - Babe rainbow (The Chemchraze EP, Half a Cow)