N o t h i n   H a p p e n i n g

Shim sham (22 March 2013)

Grand Atlantic - Searchlights, Central Station Blues, Carved from stone

Knievel - Through the rainbow, They listen out, The time I found my feet, Mirrored hall, New light

The Golden Awesome - Autumn, High life, Blue, Sooner and later

Imperial Teen - Runaway, No matter what you say, Last to know

Abba - Knowing me, knowing you

Imperial Teen - Hanging about

Urge Overkill - Mason/Dixon, Rock & roll submarine, Effigy

Ween - I can't put my finger on it

Urge Overkill - Poison flower

Dinosaur Jr - Don't pretend you didn't know

Rolling Stones - Waiting on a friend

Dinosaur Jr - Pierce the morning rain

Imperial Teen - Everything

REM- It's the end of the world

Imperial Teen - Shim sham