Royalchord programs - part I (19 November 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Monkees - Circle Sky (alt. mix) (The definitive Monkees, WEA)

Evan Dando - Tribute to Hank Williams (Griffith Sunset EP, Modular)

The Clean - Stars (Getaway, Flying Nun)

Plasticine - My imagined nursery (Introducing...., Arch Hill Recordings)

Pine - Make way for the king (Introducing...., Arch Hill Recordings)

Fang - Famous for being famous (Introducing...., Arch Hill Recordings)

Lacto Ovo - Welcome samurai (Tsunami pop, The Lost and Lonesome Recording co.)

Lacto Ovo - Tsunami pop (Tsunami pop, The Lost and Lonesome Recording co.)

Disaster Plan - You belong in the country (Party, Way Over There)

Disaster Plan - We do it right (Party, Way Over There)

Disaster Plan - Fatal wound (Party, Way Over There)

Eskimo Joe - Planet Earth (acoustic) (single, Modular)

Bluebottle Kiss - Ounce of your cruelty (single, Longshot Records)

Pollyanna - Rebound girl (single, Longshot Records)

Starsailor - Goodsouls (Ecoboy remix) (single, Chrysalis)

The Marvel - Royalchord Programming

Royalchord - A friendly face (I gave you a mountain, independent)

Royalchord - Notion of invisibility (I gave you a mountain, independent)

Nick Drake - Things behind the sun (Pink Moon, Island Records)

Smog - Bathysphere (Wild Love, Drag City)

Sandro - Racing car driver (Live by rivers, independent)

Scud Mountain Boys - Silo (Pine Box, Sub Pop)

Mazzy Star - She's my baby (So tonight that I might see, Capitol)

Tendrils - Whittling (Soaking Red, Half a Cow)

The Blackeyed Susans - Who's that by the window (Welcome Stranger, Torn & Frayed)

Gram Parsons - Return of the grievous angel (Grievous angel, Reprise)

The Butterfly Effect - Black lung (s/t, Modern Music)