Demo show with Nic Dalton (26 November 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

Dogbite - Out there (Demo, independent)

The Nudie Suits - Hasten down to music city (Songbook, independent)

Flavour of the Month - Seeing things (Fear of falling, Treadmill)

De Greer - I see you (Demo, independent)

Chris Swayn - Empty drum (Sensitive guy, independent)

Brunatex - Song #1 (Lonely highway sparr, independent)

Penlope Swales - King Monkey (Safe home, independent)

Len Lane Line - "look hello" (Look hello, independent)

Calling Kaiser - Sincerely yours (Demo, independent)

Founder - Manning (Son of burlington, independent)

Squipplepippy - Sleeping past your station (s/t, independent)

Jason Maynard - Messed up (demo, independent)

Oh Belgium - Youth petrol (demo, independent)

Nic's Picks

John E - Prayer (Demo, independent)

Spokaine - Beat up (Demo, independent)

The Savages - Mono (Demo, independent)

Sideshow - Angus (Songs to make love to, independent)

The Good - Get up (Demo, independent)

A Cat Called Monty - About my girl (Demo, independent)

Closure - Somewhere (Demo, independent)

Half Way - Compromise for a country girl (Demo, independent)

Grandview - High on life (s/t, independent)

Bilby - Stammer (Length of a string, Ramjet Records)

Randy Lee Majors - Big dick swinging (Mr December, independent)

Verde - So content (Demo, independent)

Alyson Locke - Army pants (demo, independent)

C-Minus Project - Just thought I'd write (Long drive home, independent)