Demo Show Nicless (3 December 2001)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

The Movies - The loser (Demo, independent)

Idiot Son - Winter (Demo, independent)

Seeds of Doubt - Turn me on (Demo, independent)

Meatbee - Marvin (Demo, independent)

Chris Swayn - Scream'n semen (Mum's new couch, independent)

Steve Towson - 15 minutes of your love (In a shattered state, independent)

Grise - Sweet fish (Demo, independent)

Sweetchuck - For me for you (EP, independent)

Band Camp - Into the strange (Demo, independent)

Mettaphor - Not long enough (Demo, independent)

Amantha Imber - Not before I go (Like Samantha without the S, independent)

Andrew Keese - Bacon and eggs (demo, independent)

Goldentone - Hope for us (Live on radio, independent)

P Tex - Too embarrassing (Demo, independent)

Matt Reiner - Home straight (Wide open spaces, independent)

Kanvas Grey - Someone else' eyes (Hope, independent)

Andy Gorwell - Anticipating (Uprooted, independent)

Landslide - Daydream later (Demo, independent)

Ancient Marinators - Bi-curious, pay later (Eno, independent)

Lancaster - Bewilder me (single, independent)

Klippspringer - Tea for two (Employee of the month, independent)

Genshen - Love is on the radio (Demo, independent)

Romislokus - Cold (s/t, independent)

John Aron - I'd never lose loving you (Demo, independent)

Fab Manzini - The liberty call (Demo, independent)

Heligoland - When I look into the sun (demo, independent)

Blessington - When the sky is blue (Langside, independent)

Spokaine - Sun comes up (Demo, independent)

Dropzone - The game (Demo, independent)