The Big Monday (7 January 2002)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman - Somethin' stupid (single, Chrysalis)

The Cartoon Characters - Winter song (Single, independent)

Ross Wilson - The same as me (Single, Shock)

Ikey Mo - Chemical girl (demo, independent)

Ikey Mo - Evil Knievel (demo, independent)

Silverchair - The greatest view (single, Eleven)

The Tea Party - Angels (single, EMI)

Mick Jagger - Blue (single, Virgin)

Dan Brodie & the Broken Arrows - You make me wanna kill (single, EMI)

Dan Brodie & the Broken Arrows - Big black sky (single, EMI)

Dan Brodie & the Broken Arrows - You're not invited (to my party) (single, EMI)

El Mopa - Casuarina sands (Casuarina sands, Quietly Suburban)

El Mopa - This is serious MxFx (Casuarina sands, Quietly Suburban)

El Mopa - This gift (Casuarina sands, Quietly Suburban)

Kasey Chambers - Tear stained eyes (Not pretty enough single, EMI)

Todd Dunford - Heart so true (Hannah, One Eye'd Owl Records)

The First Marvel - Can't stop it! (Australian post-punk 1978-82) interview with Guy Blackman

Essenden Airport - How long can you go? (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Take - Summer (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Voigt 465 - Voices a drama (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Primitive Calculators - Pumping ugly muscle (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

(Makers of) The Dead Travel Fast - The dumb waiters (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Ron Rude - Piano piano (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Xero - The girls (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Limp - Pony club (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Fabulous Marquises - Honeymoons (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Slugfuckers - Cacaphony (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Equal local - Lamp that (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Tame Omearas - Sweat and babble (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

People with Chairs up their Noses - Song of the sea (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Wild West - We can do (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Pits - Words (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

Tch tch tch - One note song (Can't stop it!, Chapter)

The Second Marvel - Dimmer/Straitjacket Fits interview with Shayne Carter

Dimmer - Drop you off (I believe you are a star, Columbia)

Dimmer - Evolution (I believe you are a star, Columbia)

Dimmer - Seed (I believe you are a star, Columbia)

Straitjacket Fits - She speeds (s/t, Flying Nun)

Straitjacket Fits - Dialling a prayer (s/t, Flying Nun)

Straitjacket Fits - APS (Live at the wireless, Triple '91, Flying Nun)

Straitjacket Fits - Down in splendour (s/t, Flying Nun)

Dimmer - I believe you are a star (I believe you are a star, Columbia)

The Third Marvel - The Clean interview with David Kilgour

The Clean - Crazy (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Anything could happen (Compilation, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Golden crown (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Cell block no. 5 (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - E motel (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Alpine madness (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Complications (Getaway, Flying Nun)

Alec Bathgate - Sad eyed lady (God save the Clean, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - Yesterday was (God save the Clean, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Holdin' on (Getaway, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Getting older (Compilation, Flying Nun)

Seaworthy - Maps and crossfaders (It's humbling when two saints meet, Steady Cam Records)