The Clean and David Kilgour - a history of music in an hour - with co-hosts Muttley (21 January 2002)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

Ladytron - Playgirl simian playboy mix (single, Invicta HiFi)

The First Marvel - Seaworthy and Steady Cam interview with Cameron Webb

The Clean - Flowers (Compilation, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Platypus (Oddities, Flying Nun)

The Great Unwashed - Hello is ray there? (Collection, Flying Nun)

Stephen - Don't know why (Radar of small dogs, Flying Nun)

The Clean - I wait around (Vehicle, Flying Nun)

David Kilgour - You forget (Here come the cars, Flying Nun)

David Kilgour - Listen to the rain (Sugar mouth, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Outside the cage (Modern rock, Flying Nun)

David Kilgour - The bootlegger (False steps & false alarms, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Twist top (Unknown country, Flying Nun)

David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights - Chop me in 1/2 (Compilation, Flying Nun)

The Clean - Poor boy (Getaway, Flying Nun)

Shiny new things continued with Muttley doing some programming

MarineVille - Anke (Ready for the dance, Oak Park Records)

MarineVille - Ghost of Bobby Forster (Ready for the dance, Oak Park Records)

MarineVille - August (Ready for the dance, Oak Park Records)

Kitto - Bus driver (single, Who's Jack)

Mint - Gram rock (single, Berkana Music Collection)

Blue Wine - In the raw (Tokyo sushi suicide, independent)

Blue Wine - Foam (an ode to the sun) (Tokyo sushi suicide, independent)

Blue Wine - Two-bit cross (Tokyo sushi suicide, independent)

Couch - Plan (Profane, Comrade Records)

Couch - Alle auf pause (Profane, Comrade Records)

Oneironaut - Travelling into focus (Antipodean dream, Comrade Records)

ESN - Naked (Actual size, Comrade Records)

Ides of Space - No trace of fading (We have nowhere to be, Architecture Label)