A house by the sea, a little house by the sea, a big house by the sea, the nunnery - interview with Tony Dupe (28 January 2002)

Band - Song (Album, Label)

Shiny new things

Colorwall - Future psych (Blue, Lazy Suzan Records)

Colorwall - Kurt Cobain (Blue, Lazy Suzan Records)

Colorwall - Ghost ride (Blue, Lazy Suzan Records)

Ikey Mo - Chemical Girl (Kiss my wami, WAM)

Klippspringer - Tea for two (Kiss my wami, WAM)

Autopilot - Haemophiliac (Kiss my wami, WAM)

Fourth Floor Collapse - Made believe (Kiss my wami, WAM)

The Marvel - A house by the sea interview with Tony Dupe

Sunday - Fighter (Thema, Heavy)

SeaLifePark - Acrachart (s/t, Quietly Suburban)

Lobsterman - Wouldn't I say no (Blunt/who cares wins, independent)

Ashtray Boy - Crusty singers in crapped out bands (Blunt/who cares wins, independent)

Glovebox - Ocean motion (The cold horse sings, Id)

Seventeen - Straightey 180 (Gaggin'for it, Blind Records)

Smudge - Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra (Real McCoy, Wrong Sinatra, Half a Cow)

La Huva - Sweet home, kit home (Pretty mile, Half a Cow)

Half Miler - Two stations away (Pretty cold but it's nice when the sun comes out, independent)

Half Miler - Built to split (Pretty cold but it's nice when the sun comes out, independent)

Glovebox - Please skill me (Blunt/who cares wins, independent)

Founder - Beckon of cowes (Son of burlington, independent)

Browning - Mal-de-mer (Astride the shadowline, Luminous Records)

Shiny new things continued with a Laughing Outlaw Records bent

John Kennedy - King Street (Inner West, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Jason Walker - Stranger to someone (Stranger to someone, Laughing Outlaw Records)

John Kennedy - The Texan thing (Inner West, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Jeff Williams and the Clear Spacemen - No one's substitute (White under green, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Cotton Mather - 40 watt solution (40 watt solution, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Fortress Madonna - Swerve to collapse (One hundred beacons, Laughing Outlaw Records)

The Grip Weeds - Love that never ends (Summer of a thousand years, independent)

Splurge - Heavy Weather (Heavy weather, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Hitchcocks Regret - I don't love you anymore (Regretfulness, independent)

James MacDonald - Four hours (Compilation, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Muttley theme song