N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

FREYjA and the Dumpster - Rebecca Rennie and Sean Bower (4 February 2002)

Valve - Mundane (single, EMI)

Cartman - If I... (Kiss my WAMI 2001, WAM)

The Panics - My brilliant career (Kiss my WAMI 2001, WAM)

Rhubarb - Slow motion (single, Toupee Records)

Dumpster - Petit mal (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Dumpster - Sticks n' stones (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Dumpster - Witness protection program (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Dumpster - The way is low (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Muttley - Real McCoy, wrong Sinatra (Nothing Happening live set)

Muttley - Dave, Don't go back to Dublin, Dave (Nothing Happening live set)

Ruck Rover - The motor scooter (Good people's highway, Candle Records)

FREYjA - Cocoon (s/t, J'bella Muzic)

FREYjA - One happy day (The siren's odyssey, Jazzabella Muzic)

FREYjA - Why would I? (The siren's odyssey, Jazzabella Muzic)

FREYjA - Perfect world (The siren's odyssey, Jazzabella Muzic)

Andrew McCubbin - The fog song (Dead pilot, 1am Records)

The Pixies - Gouge away (Death to the Pixies (live), 4AD)

Andrew McCubbin - Gouge away (Dead pilot, 1am Records)

Marineville - Bird (Ready for the dance, Oak Park Records)

Grand Salvo - Acorn tree (a fable) (1642-1727, Pharmacy Records)

Tim Oxley - Love Desperado (Feast, Candle Records)

Golden Rough - Northern state of mind (Feast, Candle Records)

Richard Easton - Doug (Feast, Candle Records)

Robert Scott - The clouds break (Singing catalogue II, Dark Beloved Cloud)