N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

APRA night of nights - The Laughing World with the two Andrews, Tuttle and Thompson (11 February 2002)

Len Lane Line - "Look, hello" ("Look, hello", independent)

Dumpster - I am the hunter (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Tonjip - Beautiful (s/t, Toupee Records)

Leo Nine - This may not be the fairy tale you dreamed of (s/t, Toupee Records)

Ides of Space - No trace of fading (We have nowhere to be, Architecture)

El Mopa - Casuarina sands (Casuarina sands, Quietly Suburban Records)

The Rebel Astronauts - Like green waves (Windmills vs. shrapnel, 9th Division Records)

Bart & Friends - Hounds of Love (I was lonely 'til I found you, Library Records)

Appleseed - Slipstream (Blinding me for sight, Reverb Music)

Ancient Marinators - Bi-curious, pay later (Eno, Full Mullet Records)

Guddling - Holiday reading (Don't clean angry, independent)

Dropping Honey - Lethologica (Snakes and ladders, independent)

ESN - Nylon (Actual size, Comrade Records)

Ross Wilson - The same as me (Now listen!, Shock)

John Kennedy - The Texan thing (Inner west, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Jason Walker - Apartment #9 (Stranger to someone, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Andrew Keese - Bacon and eggs (Bedroom psychosis, independent)

Cunningham - Giant steps (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Dollar bar - Pet indifference (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Freezepop - Plastric stars (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Squipplepippy - Giant steps (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Twelve24 - A minute away (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Genshen - Floating (October 2001 mix) (Laugh at the World, The Laughing World)

Vocoder - The turnaround (single, Rock-o-tronic)

Cartman - Got no reason (Go!, Embryo Records)

Grace Emily - Escapist (Caressing the page, independent)

Heligoland - Separate (single, Steady Cam Records)

Sandro - Werribee (Live by rivers, independent)

Bidston Moss - Jellybox (...a nice lie down, independent)

The Cannanes - Astra (Communicating at an unknown rate, Yoyo Recordings)

Sneeze - Ain't no love on the road (Lost the spirit to rock & roll, Half a Cow)