N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Laughing Outlaw with Paul Grant/Hitchcocks Regret (4 March 2002)

Hitchcocks Regret - Looking at myself (Regretfulness, Laughing Outlaw Records)

The Genes - Zero (The first person to wear black, independent)

Pale - She shines (Travelling indoors, Toupee Records)

Pale - Misunderstanding (Travelling indoors, Toupee Records)

Golden Rough - Provenance (Provenance, Candle Records)

Pale - Home (Travelling indoors, Toupee Records)

The Henrys - Start breathing (She's my hallelujah, Toupee Records)

The Henrys - Stranger (She's my hallelujah, Toupee Records)

Barry Swayn - Up and off (demo, independent)

Barry Swayn - Cowboy (demo, independent)

A Drag City Supersession - Zero degrees (Tramps, traitors and little devils, Drag City)

The Bitter End - The sun, the moon, the stars & the sky (Element, independent)

People of Alaska - Blood on the stairs (demo, independent)

Appleseed - Refugee (Mixes, independent)

Appleseed - End of yesterday (Mixes, independent)

The Drongos - Waltzing Matilda (demo, independent)

The Stoneage Hearts - Wish you were mine (Turn on with, Off the hip)

The Stoneage Hearts - I'm in love (Turn on with, Off the hip)

Trashmonkeys - Sundays (single, Acid Jazz)

BRMC - Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song) (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, EMI)

BRMC - Love burns (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, EMI)

Rival flight - Ockams razor (Bewildered beyond hope of rememberance, independent)

Tracey Read - Everything is real (Everything is real, Chapter)

Hitchcocks Regret - Amnesia (Regretfulness, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Hitchcocks Regret - Things can go so wrong (Regretfulness, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Hitchcocks Regret - In from the woods (Regretfulness, Laughing Outlaw Records)