N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

A night of technological disquiet: Jagjaguwar v. Candle (18 March 2002)

Soap Star Joe - Ziggy Niszcot never played guitar (single, Laughing Outlaw)

Lou Barlow - Magnet's coil (Lou Barlow plays Waterfront, Spun)

sebadoh - Magnet's coil (Bakesale, Sub Pop)

Soap Star Joe - Magnet's coil (single, Laughing Outlaw)

The Flaming Lips - This here giraffe (Clouds taste metallic, WB)

Pavement - Gold soundz (Crooked rain, crooked rain, Matador)

The Flaming Lips - Kim's watermelon gun (Clouds taste metallic, WB)

Pavement - Cut your hair (Crooked rain, crooked rain, Matador)

Lou Barlow - Skull (Lou Barlow plays Waterfront, Spun)

sebadoh - skull (Bakesale, Sub Pop)

Appleseed - Out of time (Demo, independent)

Pale - Perfect world (Travelling indoors, Toupee)

Death Cab for Cutie - We laugh indoors (The photo album, Architecture)

Len Lane Line - I think she's the one (Demo, independent)

Jens Cross - Middle man (Middleman, independent)

Hollydrift - Floating on the Bellcross (In these days of merriment, Cuba Club Media)

Squipplepippy - Lost (s/t, independent)

The Shapiros - Cross your mind (s/t, Library Records)

The Shapiros - Will you still love me tomorrow (s/t, Library Records)

The Shapiros - When I was Howard Hughes (s/t, Library Records)

Nad Navillus - Your good side (Show your face, Jagjaguwar)

Richard Youngs - Trees that fall (May, Jagjaguwar)

Parker Paul - Secret monorail (Wingfoot, Jagjaguwar)

The Lucky Sperms - Michelle (Somewhat humorous, Jagjaguwar)

The Lucky Sperms - Ruby Tuesday (Somewhat humorous, Jagjaguwar)

Richard Easton - You are the one (Boganvillea, Candle Records)

Richard Easton - She hates me (Tallulah O'Shay, Candle Records)

The Lucksmiths - Even Stevens (Where were we?, Candle Records)

The Lucksmiths - Music to hold hands to (Why that doesn't surprise me, Candle Records)

The Lucksmiths - Off with his cardigan! (What bird is that, Candle Records)

Tracey Read - Summer night (Everything is real, Chapter)

Jad Fair - Happy New Year (Dark Beloved Cloud Singing Catalogue, Dark Beloved Cloud)