N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Arclife v. Candle Records with Darren Hanlon interview (25 March 2002)

Vincent Gallo - Honey bunny (Electric stew, Inertia)

Nick Drake - Cello song (Electric stew, Inertia)

Project 24 - Good that was (single, independent)

Project 24 - Character (single, independent)

Bluebottle Kiss - Hello stranger (Revenge is slow, Nonzero Records)

Sola Monday - Swallow (The swing festival, Arclife)

Dog Trumpet - The numbers (s/t, Half A Cow)

Dog Trumpet - In the morning (s/t, Half A Cow)

Eileen Rose - Wheels going by (Long shot novena, Inertia)

Hiss Explosion - Stash (Eats, Arclife)

Suka - Dancing to Tibet (single, Arclife)

Mestar - Drift (Eats, Arclife)

The Clean - Rollo (Slush fund, Arclife)

The Clean - Slush fund (Slush fund, Arclife)

The Clean - Filling a hole (Slush fund, Arclife)

David Kilgour - I lost my train (Cracks in the sidewalk, Arclife)

David Kilgour - Henry (Cracks in the sidewalk, Arclife)

David Kilgour - Rubato (Cracks in the sidewalk, Arclife)

David Kilgour - The Holy Ghost (Cracks in the sidewalk, Arclife)

Fibrotown - Country girl gone wrong (Banter, Candle Records)

Fibrotown - Saddest boy (Banter, Candle Records)

Darren Hanlon - Fun park fugitives (Banter, Candle Records)

Darren Hanlon - Punk's not dead (Hello stranger, Candle Records)

Darren Hanlon - Video store (7", Steady Cam Records)