Waking up (11January 2001)

The BatsAfternoon in bedCouchmasterFlying Nun
My Bloody ValentineTo here knows whenLovelessCreation
The DisappointmentsOK Wonka how much?
Spurs for Jesus ShiversCop it sweetAntfarm
DumpsterA way to stay See through meToupee
Battered FishRiseModernToupee
The Amazing Joel Hockey MovementChange of hearts/tToupee
BrowningThis place was to be a hearthAstride the shadowlineLuminous
The CannanesOverwhelmedLiving the dreamChapter
SandroHere I will remain The FluxSelf-release
The GovernmentThe architects of romanceUnderwater themes for an overrated filmComrade
The ChillsOncoming DayBest ofFlying Nun