N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Further (with Matt Coyte) and Goldentone (with Tim Huspith) (15 April 2002)

Hunters & Collectors - What's a few men? (Imaginary girl, White)

Further - Romance! (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Further - Infinite space (single, Comrade Records)

Further - Punkrockvampires (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Further - A guild of 4 (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Further - Yesterday's enemy (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Further - A song for shameful epic (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Further - Verse~minus (Punkrockvampires, Architecture/Comrade Records)

Jack Frost - Bad for you (Previews and rarities, Karmic Hit)

The Cannanes - From the keyboard to your door (Insound Tour Support Series No. 15, Insound)

The Cannanes with Explosion Robinson & Steward - Felicity (Felicity, independent)

Guddling - Bonnie & Clive (The Musical, independent)

Goldentone - Melody (Live at UV, independent)

Goldentone - Lingering ache (Live at UV, independent)

Goldentone - Silver studded sky (Live at UV, independent)

Goldentone - Rebekah (Live at UV, independent)

Papa M - Beloved woman ("Whatever, mortal", Spunk!)

Songs: Ohia - Steve Albini's blues (Didn't it rain, Trifekta)

Songs: Ohia - Two blue lights (Didn't it rain, Trifekta)

Dando Lee Petersson Schwartzman - Love song (single, Trifekta)

Preston School of Industry - Falling away (All this sounds gas, Trifekta)

Superchunk - Rainy streets (Here's to shutting up, Trifekta)

Ben Harper - Number three (The will to live, Virgin)