N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

APRA night (13 May 2002)

Featuring interviews with Reg Mombassa (Dog Trumpet), Zoran Trivic (Gyroscope), Bart (Bart & Friends, Pencil Tin etc.), Nolan Angell (The Genes) and Sean Bower (Dumpster and Tonjip)

Sneeze - Ying and yang telephone (s/t, Half a Cow)

Dog Trumpet - The Jesus song (s/t, Half a Cow)

Dog Trumpet - The numbers (s/t, Half a Cow)

Gyroscope - Save the last match (Take time, Redline Records)

Anodyne 500 - Breathing underwater (Treasure Way, Halflight)

Anodyne 500 - Good as Gold (Treasure Way, Halflight)

Bart & Friends - Tokyo (I was lonely 'til I found you, Library Records)

Robert Cooper - Brilliant feeling (s/t, Library Records)

The Shapiros - Paris kiss (s/t, Library Records)

Pencil Tin - Friday (A gentle hand to guide you along, The Bus Stop Label)

The Genes - Time is never wrong (The first person to wear black, independent)

Pale - Home (Travelling Indoors, Toupee Records)

Tonjip - Electromatic (s/t, Toupee Records)

Dumpster - Cravin' mild (Sky-fi, Toupee Records)

Bluebottle Kiss - Hitchhiking in New Zealand (Revenge is slow, Nonzero Records)

Darren Hanlon - The kickstand song (Hello stranger, Candle Records)

The Lucksmiths - T-shirt weather (Where were we?, Candle Records)

Ides of Space - No trace of fading (Stranger to someone, Architecture)

Purplene - The Entertainers (Ruining it for everybody, Quietly Suburban)

Sealifepark - Spare key (Wildlife documentary, Quietly Suburban)

Deloris - Telekinesis fight (The pointless gift, Quietly Suburban)

Grand Salvo - Dirt pillow, no blanket (1642-1727, Pharmacy Records)

The Rectifiers - Picture wheel (Sparkles from the wheel, Way Over There

Art of Fighting - Give me tonight (Wires, Trifekta)

The Henrys - Feel free to laugh.....or cry (She's my hallelujah, Toupee Records)

The Panics - On fire (s/t, littleBIGMAN records)

Soap Star Joe - Ziggy Niszcot (never played guitar) (single, Laughing Outlaw Records)

The Fergusons - Napalm waltz (Never too young to hitchhike, MGM Distribution)

Red Jezebel - Allstars (Homecoming, MGM Distribution)

Joe Algeri & Bens Diapers - She's fine (The Great Stems Hoax, Off the Hip) Sneeze - Shaky ground (s/t, Half a Cow)