N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Camera Obscura Part II (20 May 2002)

The Vines - Get free (single, EMI)

Future Native - Your backyard (single, independent)

Veil - More than we wanted (Number 1, independent)

Mettaphor - Heaven (Gush, independent)

Dolly Parton - Jolene (Mission chapel memories, Raven)

Dolly Parton - When someone wants to leave (Mission chapel memories, Raven)

Kasey Chambers - A million tears (single, EMI)

Jason Walker - Stranger to someone (Stranger to someone, Laughing Outlaw Records)

James Macdonald - Because of you (Elevator music for unrequited lovers, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Sofa Mecca - Poster of you (s/t, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Hitchcock's Regret - Small town (Regretfulness, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Hayden - Street car (Skyscraper national park, Hardwood Records)

Hayden - Dynamite walls (Skyscraper national park, Hardwood Records)

Hayden - Steps into miles (Skyscraper national park, Hardwood Records)

Bart and Friends - So in love (Pretending to see the future: A tribute to OMD, Shelflife)

The Cat's Miaow - A day in the life (A kiss and a cuddle, The Bus Stop Label)

Mark Narkowicz - Every girl (cuts me in half) (Now, where was I?, Library Records)

Call and Response - California floating in space (s/t, Inertia)

The National Trust - Feather clip (Dekkagar, Inertia)

Desert Hearts - Feather clip (Let's get worse, Inertia)

The Goblin Market - Autumn leaves (Ghostland, Camera Obscura)

Dipsomaniacs - Of reaching out (Stethoscopic, Camera Obscura)

Black Sun Ensemble - Celestial cornerstone (Hymn of the master, Camera Obscura)

Sharon Krauss - The Peacock's Wing (Beautiful Twisted, Camera Obscura)

Patrick Porter - St Louis (Reverb saved my life, Camera Obscura)

The Finkers - Love will grow (The Great Stems Hoax, Off the Hip)