N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Camera Obscura Part III and Flying Nun 21st Doubletake (27 May 2002)

Mark Macpherson - Get free (A song cycle, independent)

Mark Macpherson - Soured milk (A song cycle, independent)

Mark Narkowicz - 1000 tears (Now, where was I?, Library Records)

Mark Narkowicz - Stars of heaven (Now, where was I?, Library Records)

Patrick Porter - Rosebud was a sled (Reverb saved my life, Camera Obscura)

Phineas Gage - Insect stars (Reconsidered, Camera Obscura)

Dipsomaniacs - Don't mourn (Stethoscopic notion, Camera Obscura)

Call and Response - Rollerskate (s/t, Inertia)

Desert Hearts - DSR (Let's get worse, Inertia)

The National Trust - Mrs Turner (Dekkagar, Inertia)

The Fergusons - Everything's gone bad (Never too young to hitchhike, MGM Distribution)

Orange Humble Band - Down in your dreams (Assorted Creams, Laughing Outlaw)

d Henry Fenton - Only angels can fly (Autumn sweet, Laughing Outlaw)

Spike Priggen - Every broken heart (The very thing that you treasure, Laughing Outlaw)

The Chills - Heavenly pop hit (Heavenly pop hits, Flying Nun)

Garageland - Heavenly pop hit (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

The Verlaines - Death and the maiden (Juvenilia, Flying Nun)

Stephen Malkmus - Death and the maiden (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

3Ds - Outer space (Hellzapoppin, Flying Nun)

Betchadupa - Outer space (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

Straitjacket Fits - If I were you (s/t, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - If I were you (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

Alec Bathgate - Friday in the ground (Gold Lame, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - Friday in the ground (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - The brain that wouldn't die (Gold Lame, Flying Nun)

The Hasselhoff Experiment - The brain that wouldn't die (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

Superette - Saskatchewan (Tiger, Flying Nun)

Panam - Saskatchewan (Under the influence, Flying Nun)