Best of 2000 - International (18 January 2001)

Apples in Stereo20 Cases suggestive of…The discovery of a world inside the mooneElephant 6
Belle and Sebastian Wrong girlFold your hands child, you walk like a peasantJeepster
Beulah Score from Augusta When your Heartstrings BreakElephant 6
Billy Bragg and Wilco Secret of the SeaMermaid Avenue Vol 2 Elektra
Built to Spill Randy described eternity LiveSpunk
Grandaddy Hewlett's DaughterThe Sophtware SlumpV2
HomeBurdenXIVCooking vinyl
J Mascis and the FogCan't I take this onMore lightShock
Two Andrew Thompson finds of 2000:
Nick Drake Place to bePink Moon Island
SparklehorseMaria's little elbows Living the dreamCapitol
Pedro the Lion Slow and Steady wins the raceWinners never quitJade Tree
Joe PernicePrince Valium Big TobaccoSpunk
SmogDress Sexy for my funeral Dongs of SevotionSpunk
XTCIn another lifeWasp StarCooking vinyl
Andrew Thompson'sTop SecretBest song of 2000Wowee!