N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Dispelling the myths of Christian music (with Tonjip) (15 July 2002)

Joy Electric - Winter wonderland (A BEC holiday collection, BEC Recordings)

Sounds Like Sunset - Each time you smile (Saturdays, Modular)

Propane - Datsun 180B - (Orbit to Leslie, independent)

The Appleseed Cast - On reflection - (Low level owl: volume 1, Deep Elm Records)

Bloomsday - So embarrasing (s/t, Velvet Blue Music)

Leo Nine - Believer (s/t, Toupee Records)

Pedro the Lion - 1976 (Progress, Jade Tree)

Starflyer 59 - I drive a lot (The fashion focus, Tooth & Nail)

The Lassie Foundation - The promise ring (split 7", Quietly Suburban)

Sounds Like Sunset - Before it blows (split 7", Quietly Suburban)

Dumpster - Noise in me (split 7", Quietly Suburban)

The Amazing Joel Hockey Movement - Worth eternally (Rubbish day on Cromwell Street, Toupee Records)

Scaterd-few - Kill the sarx (s/t, Alarma Records)

Tonjip - If (Live in studio)

Tonjip - Stranglehold (Live in studio)

Tonjip - Preludes (Live in studio)

Cush - Song no. 1 (s/t, Crush! Records)

Room to Be - Holy one (s/t, Glad Tidings City Church)

Squipplepippy - Sleeping past your station (s/t, independent)

Pale - If I were asking (The Limas de Milo, Crush! Records)

Starflyer 59 - You're so radical (Americana, Tooth and Nail Records)

The Lassie Foundation - Dive bomber (Dive bomber EP, Velvet Blue Music)

Pedro the Lion - A mind of her own (Winners never quit, Jade Tree)

The Crux - Song No. 1 (Circle of Life EP, Broken Reed Records)

Tonjip - Electromatic (Electromatic, Toupee Records)