N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Throwing a Laughing Outlaw on the Rotisserie (29 July 2002)

Heligoland - Herringbone (single, Steady Cam Records)

Gata Negra - Once upon a time (Saint Dymphnae, independent)

Astrotube - The great wall of sound (The great wall of sound, independent)

Astrotube - Around the sun (The great wall of sound, independent)

The Sand Pebbles - Dirty (Eastern Terrace, Camera Obscura)

Bordello - Virtually reality (21st century funk, MGM)

The Tigers - There are so many stupid people in this world (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - Slayer bells (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

Circle of Willis - Death in the summertime (The manual of internal fixation, independent)

Built Like Alaska - Graft vs. host (Magnet New Music Sampler Volume 25, Magnet)

Catapult - She went and joined a cult (single, independent)

Half Miler - Two stations away (Pretty cold but it's nice when the sun comes out, Salty Fuzz Records)

Sneeze - Maybe moving in together wasn't such a good idea (Air Compilation Volume 4, AIR)

The Vanishing Spies - Building new pyramids (Mystifying alibis, Rotisserie Records)

The Halcyon Brothers - I know (A dusty Bible leads to a dirty life, Rotisserie Records)

The Minimal Pairs - Something short of certainty (His hymns to her, Rotisserie Records)

The Vanishing Spies - Her cuts heal (Mystifying alibis, Rotisserie Records)

Dumptruck - Everybody knows this is nowhere (She's my hallelujah, Toupee Records)

Dumptruck - 50 miles (Lemmings travel to the sea, Devil in the Woods)

Spike Priggen - Every broken heart (The very thing that you treasure, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Spike Priggen - Alright (The very thing that you treasure, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Slick Fifty Seven - Nervous wreck (The Ghost of Bonnie Parker, Laughing Outlaw Records)

Slick Fifty Seven - I won't beg (The Ghost of Bonnie Parker, Laughing Outlaw Records)

The Wake ups? - Nobody slows (Wanna meet......, Laughing Outlaw Records)

The Datson Four - The secret novel (See!, Off the Hip)

The Datson Four - Suburban paradise (See!, Off the Hip)

Chris Knox - Vol au vent (Songs of you & me, Flying Nun Records)

Tim Oxley - House husband (It's all about love, Candle Records)

Oscarlima - Either way (The limas de milo, independent)

Tall Dwarfs - Room to breathe (The sky above the mud below, Flying Nun Records)

The Yearlings - Golden Dove (s/t, independent)

Flaming Lips - Okay I'll admit that I really don't understand (Zaireeka, WB)