N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

A Bathgate, a Knox and a Tall Dwarf with Chris Knox - Part I (5 August 2002)

Simon Couper - Buy me love (demo, independent)

Sea Life Park - Like ships (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings and Architecture)

Sea Life Park - Spare key (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings and Architecture)

El Mopa - Done by degrees (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

El Mopa - What to say (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

El Mopa - Crazee talk (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Idaho - Wondering the fields (Levitate, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Idaho - 20 years (Levitate, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Idaho - For granted (Levitate, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Nathan Gaunt - The line (Free your mind, MGM Distribution)

Arctic - Be all my only (s/t, independent)

Sweetchuck - Sundays (Demos, independent)

Gabriel's Day - Kite flying (s/t, independent)

Leticia Nischang - 127th Street (Demos, independent)

Sweet Thing - Reel in (s/t, independent)

Sweet Thing - List (s/t, independent)

120 mins - Hunch (s/t, independent)

Cato Salsa Experience - So, the circus is back in town (single, Inertia)

Tall Dwarfs - Turning brown + torn in two (Hello cruel world, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's going to happen (Hello cruel world, Flying Nun)

Toy Love - Song 1 (?, Unknown)

Chris Knox - Not given lightly (Meat, The Communion Label)

Nick Drake - River man (Five leaves left, Island Records)

Alec Bathgate - Friday in the ground (Gold lame, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - Friday in the ground (Under the influence, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - If I were you (Under the influence, Flying Nun)