N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

A Bathgate, a Knox and a Tall Dwarf with Chris Knox - Part II (12 August 2002)

twelve24 - Velouria (Pixies F'in Die!, LifeLike)

Gersey - Look to the sun (single, Trifekta)

Gersey - The last tango (single, Trifekta)

Gersey - Soldiers (single, Trifekta)

Sea Life Park - Like ships (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings and Architecture)

El Mopa - Done by degrees (single, Quietly Suburban Recordings)

Heligoland - Along the snowline (single, Steady Cam Records)

Procession - Neat sunless paths (Summer days spent indoors, Wheeler Dealer Records)

Procession - Dark blue with red (Summer days spent indoors, Wheeler Dealer Records)

Pete Stone - The bosun and me (Upstairs inside, Shhh Records)

Pete Stone - Melt away (Upstairs inside, Shhh Records)

The Trimatics - Simple morning (Fantastique!, independent)

The Trimatics - Perfect day (Fantastique!, independent)

Jack and the Beanstalk - Vodka line (Vodka line EP, Parasol)

Jack and the Beanstalk - She does the handclaps (Vodka line EP, Parasol)

Sweetchunk - Baggy jeans (Demos for Fast Cars and lead guitars, Paralell Productions)

HalfMiler - Two stations away (Pretty cold but it's nice when the sun comes out, Parasol)

The Datson Four - Agent Eleven (See!, Off the Hip)

Dan Brodie and the Broken Arrows - Highway lovin' man (Empty arms broken hearts, EMI)

The Yearlings - No more goodbyes (s/t, independent)

Bernie Hayes - Your boyfriend's back in town (Every Tuesday, sometimes Sunday, Half a Cow/AIR)

Tall Dwarfs - On and on and on (Abbasalutely, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox/The 6ths - When I'm out of town (Wasps' nests, Factory)

Chris Knox - The joy of sex (Yes!!, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - Gluey, gluey (single, Flying Nun)

JPS Experience - Flex (s/t, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - Amniotic love (single, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - The split (Polyfoto, Duck shaped pain & Gum, Flying Nun)

Tall Dwarfs - OK Forever (single, Flying Nun)

Chris Knox - T minus 60 (Under the influence, Flying Nun)