N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

The Tigers (with Chris Cobilis) (2 September 2002)

Supergrass - Grace (single, EMI)

The Tigers - Aurora (Death from above, independent)

The Tigers - God damn the kids (Death from above, independent)

The Tigers - It hath been falsely supposed that all tigers be female and that they engender in copulation with the winde (single, independent)

The Tigers - Cramer's jungle, remix by Doug Gillard (Remixes, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - Return to the valley of the snow bees, remix by Darren Nuttal and Simon Struthers (Remixes, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - Fatality (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - Trick'd th' Gov't. (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - There are so many stupid people in this world (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - Slayer bells (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

The Tigers - I asked for a sign, he gave me the finger instead (Christmas album, Sensory Projects)

Tamas Wells - Cigarettes, a tie and a free magazine (single, Tien An Min)

Kim Beales - Unaffected (A day in the dream, Tien An Min)

Pete Stone - Heart of stone (Home, Shhh Records)

Pete Stone - The river song (Home, Shhh Records)

Mia Schoen - No mind (Champions, Library Records)

Mia Schoen - Bad reception (Champions, Library Records)

Mia Schoen - Stratocumulus (Champions, Library Records)

Beth Orton - Carmella (Daybreaker, EMI)

Ninetynine - The process (The process, Trifekta)

The Rum Diary - Stolen lifts (Noise prints, Substandard)

Under a Dying Sun - Chosen words for a funeral (s/t, Substandard)

The Rum Diary - 1:38pm (Noise prints, Substandard)

The Rum Diary - On Sunday (Noise prints, Substandard)

The Fergusons - Napalm Waltz (Never too young to hitchhike, Kiss my WAMI)

Moldy Peaches - Country fair (single, Inertia)