N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

Playing with custard for the first time (with David McCormack) (9 September 2002)

Thinktank - Open letter (single, Architecture)

Thinktank - Measurable things (single, Architecture)

The Dismemberment Plan - Secret curse (Change, Architecture)

Ikey Mo - Evil Knievel (Beginner's guide to self defence, MGM Distribution)

The Savages - Long live you (single, Half a Cow)

Under a dying sun - Pigeons (s/t, Substandard)

Under a dying sun - Until it's given back (s/t, Substandard)

The Supersuckers - Dead in the water (Must've been live, Desertones)

The Supersuckers - Good livin' (Must've been live, Desertones)

Tne New Christs - I deny everything (We got this!, Laughing Outlaw)

Jack Howard - Heard you cry (Secrets and white lies, Laughing Outlaw)

Coronet Blue - Mission bell (s/t, Laughing Outlaw)

Icecream Hands - Happy in the sky (Broken UFO, Rubber Records)

Bike - Circus kids (Take in the sun, Flying Nun)

The Green Circles - Paper, scissors, rock (Off the Hip, Off the Hip)

Humbug - For the birds (Midheaven, MGM Distribution)

Humbug - You're a great way to fly (Midheaven, MGM Distribution)

Tim Carter - Fear of flying (Centre of gravity, Australian Music Biz)

Brer Mouse - Beatlemania (Beatlemania, Nicenoise)

Brer Mouse - An eyelash in my cereal (Beatlemania, Nicenoise)

Ninetynine - Istanbul and the punishing heart (The process, Trifekta Records)

Ninetynine - Baluchistan (The process, Trifekta Records)

David McCormack & The Polaroids - No imagination (Candy, Independent)

David McCormack & The Polaroids - Say goodnight (Candy, Independent)

Custard - Universal vibration (Wahooti fandango, Rooart)

Custard - Teensville (Wahooti fandango, Rooart)

David McCormack & The Polaroids - The faith healer (Candy, Independent)

Frank Black - Headache (Teenager of the year, 4AD)

Custard - Singlette (Wahooti fandango, Rooart)

Custard - Bedford (Brisbane 1990-1993, BMG)

Custard - Satellite (Brisbane 1990-1993, BMG)

David McCormack & The Polaroids - You broke my heart (Candy, Independent)

Letraset - Girl malfunction (Snowy room, Chapter)

Letraset - Sometimes awa (Snowy room, Chapter)

Minimum Chips - Out of touch (Portfolio, Chapter)

Jeremy Dower - Out of touch (Portfolio, Chapter)

The White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl/grill (White blood cells, Remote Control)