N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

  1. Gumph

    1. rationale

      Nothing Happening dedicates itself to finding absolute brilliance in the backwaters of modern music. Music from around the world is showcased with an emphasis on Australian and New Zealand music. Each show has a "Marvel" where a musical theme is investigated and "Shiny new things" where new music is played (with emphasis given to independent and unsigned bands).

      The title and inspiration for the radio show stem from the Tall Dwarf's song Nothing's Going to Happen and the reprises by both the Tall Dwarfs (Nothing's Going to Stop It) and The Clean (Anything Could Happen). And yet that is a mere speck of the great music emanating from Australia and New Zealand.

      Don't forget that you can keep in touch with the show by joining the email discussion list.

    2. presenter

      The guy who talks too much... is Craig Latham. He's been doing the show since late 2000. The show actually resulted from a call to 2MCE (Bathurst, Australia) where Craig complained about a perceived lack of "independent underground" music. The answer to the question was short and sharp - "come up and do better".

      The show migrated to Valley FM, Canberra in 2003. More recently (2008), it jumped on a plane and came to Wellington, New Zealand. This is the furthest that the show has travelled to date and seems to be settling in OK. But, it got scared and in 2013 returned to Valley FM.

      To read all about frogs, music, the omnidirectional J-pole FM antenna and whole lot more, you can have a poke around Craig's website: The Marvellous World of King Craig

      There are a number of ways to contact Craig:
      Post:Craig Latham
      Nothing Happening
      PO Box 359
      Erindale Centre
      AUSTRALIA 2903

    3. upcoming

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