N o t h i n g   H a p p e n i n g

  1. Marvels

    Nothing Happening airs on Friday nights 10-late on Valley FM (89.5mhz Canberra and at AEST). You can listen live to the show . To be informed about shows as they happen, drop me a friends request.

    1. live sets

    2. interviews

      A big part of Nothing Happening is the interviews. Over the years, there have been interviews with numerous Australian, New Zealand and international artists, labels and writers. Below is a small sample of some of the complete interviews (not all was aired on the show) in RealAudio format:

      Other interviewees and co-hosts have included people from (in no particular order):

      Quietly Suburban
      The Lemonheads
      Unknown legends of rock 'n' roll (Richie Unterburger)
      Circle of Willis
      Machine Translations
      Camera Obscura
      Icecream Hands
      Youth Group
      Hi Q
      The Spoils
      Andrew Keese
      Sadness is in the sky
      Steady Cam
      A house by the sea (Tony Dupe)
      Registered Nurse
      Underground Lovers
      The Laughing World
      Stuart Coupe
      Laughing Outlaw
      Darren Hanlon
      Golden Rough
      Ruck Rover
      Karmic Hit
      The Bhagavad Guitars
      Off the Hip
      Stoneage Hearts
      Reg Mombassa
      Dog Trumpet
      Mental as Anything
      Bart & Friends
      Pencil Tin
      The Genes
      El Mopa
      Half Miler
      The Long Weekend
      Chris Knox
      Tall Dwarfs
      The Tigers
      David McCormack
      Tamas Wells
      Disaster Plan
      The Cannanes
      Augie March
      David Kilgour
      The Clean
      The Henrys
      Pete Stone
      Tucker Bs
      At Sea
      Simon Couper
      Ben Fletcher
      The Devoted Few
      The Beautiful Few
      Rob Clarkson
      Muzzy Pep
      The Titanics
      Her Majestys Finest
      Home for the Def
      Adam Cole
      Sea Life Park
      International Karate
      Jenny Queen
      Home for the Def
      Blank Tapes
      The Rectifiers
      The Essex Green
      The Brunettes
      Anthony Atkinson
      Jodi Phillis
      Ashtray Boy
      Lazy Susan
      Minus Story
      International Karate
      Art of Fighting
      Alec Bathgate
      The Cops
      The Wellingtons
      Black Nielson
      SubAudible Hum
      La Huva
      The Triangles
      Matt Handley
      Calvin Johnson
      Ancient Marinators
      The Bugbears


      • Don't worry Craig, we did it for music
        Nic Dalton (Half a Cow, Sneeze, Godstar, The Plunderers, Ratcat, The Lemonheads etc.)

      • [Nothing Happening], got plenty of weird stuff there
        Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool, Mondo Rock etc.)

      • Beer sharpens musical judgement, yet broadens taste: a magical paradox
        Gareth Edwards (Sandro)

      • I'm just waiting until it's beer o'clock here at the office. It's Friday afternoon, you see...
        Dylan Pellett (Flying Nun)

    4. '90s Australia

      Over a few shows from 30 December 2005 till 6 January 2006, the show devoted itself to working through some of the greatest Australian bands of the '90s. The list was the result of a poll on the Nothing Happening email list and the countdown went roughly like this:

      101. Ron
      100. Bucket
      99. Atticus
      98. Richard Davies
      97. Chris Chapple
      96. Four Horse Town
      95. Glovebox
      94. Hoolahan
      93. Fifty One Monday
      92. Dollop
      91. Thermos Cardy
      90. Ancient Marinators
      89. Battered Fish
      88. Anodyne 500
      87. Driving Past
      86. Carton
      85. The Apartments
      84. Acuff's Rose
      83. Far Out Corporation
      82. S:Bahn
      81. Love & Death
      80. Fragile
      79. Half Miler
      78. Hot Rollers
      77. John Reed Club
      76. The Remotes
      75. Hippy Dribble
      74. Noise Addict
      73. Pollen
      72. Pencil Tin
      71. Turnstyle
      70. The Reels
      69. Not Drowning Waving
      68. Dave Graney with the Coral Snakes
      67. Mick Harvey
      66. Tendrils
      65. The Rectifiers
      64. Nick Conolly
      63. Panel of Judges
      62. Ed Kuepper
      61. Ben Lee
      60. A Gold Star Secret
      59. Richard Easton
      58. Montana
      57. Orange Humble Band
      56. Jim Dead
      55. The Crux
      54. The Amazing Joel Hockey Experience
      53. Violetine
      52. The Killjoys
      51. Bernie Hayes
      50. The Welcome Mat
      49. Autohaze
      48. Dumpster
      47. Tonjip
      46. Godstar
      45. Deadstar
      44. The Church
      43. Sneeze
      42. Dave McComb
      41. Robert Forster
      40. Love Positions
      39. Falling Joys
      38. Even
      37. Ratcat
      36. The Lucksmiths
      35. Golden Rough
      34. Grant McLennan
      33. Nic Dalton
      32. Died Pretty
      31. The Tigers
      30. The Plunderers
      29. Ammonia
      28. Sleepy Township
      27. Sandro
      26. Bluetile Lounge
      25. Pollyanna
      24. Crow
      23. El Mopa
      22. Icecream Hands
      21. Glide
      20. The Blackeyed Susans
      19. Deloris
      18. Sidewinder
      17. Custard
      16. The Hummingbirds
      15. Smudge
      14. Big Heavy Stuff
      13. Bluebottle Kiss
      12. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
      11. Youth Group
      10. Machine Translations
      9. Screamfeeder
      8. The Clouds
      7. Drop City
      6. Sandpit
      5. Gaslight Radio
      4. Underground Lovers
      3. Art of Fighting
      2. You Am I
      1. Knievel