the man himself On Saturday, 13 December 1997, I managed to get to Sydney for a Chris Knox concert at the Annandale Hotel. It is a small venue and there were probably about 100 punters.

Support was Glovebox and Knievel (two Australian bands).

Needless to say, Chris was brilliant - with his mixture of crowd interaction and music.

I had seen charicatures of Chris around about (like the one on the left) and was surprised to find that it bears almost an exact image of what he was dressed in and what he looked like when on stage. Incredible. (There's no rock-god ethos!)

He played a lot of songs from his latest album, Yes!!, although he also managed to get in a song about the New Zealand film "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives" and a big plug.

He also asked for the crowd to choose a chord between A and G - the choice was "R" (pretty ordinary crowd). Next, a subject was nominated by the audience - "horses". Whereupon, Chris launched into a song about horses - principally, Mr Ed.

Chris asked for song suggestions. Someone shouted out No. 4 from Croaker. Chris said he didn't have a clue what that song was and reminded us that "he is not a fan".

I especially liked Chris' ability to play the guitar lying on his back.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, before the show, I managed to have a chat with Chris and tell him about this web page. His endorsement runs roughly as follows:

Chris autograph for me

Since the concert, I've learnt that Chris has been leaving private artwork all round the world. Have a look at what he did for Erik in the Netherlands:

Chris autograph for Erik